Dr David Dybdal, Boston Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

David Dybdal, MD, PhD

Compassionate, Effective Psychotherapy and Medication Management


Review from patient on Yelp.com

...I have been a client of Dr. Dybdal's for more than 10 years. He has helped me to navigate the throes of mental illness with his knowledge of medication combinations, keen diagnostic skills, wisdom, and expertise, using both conventional and alternative treatment modalities. 

It was through his application of these interventions, along with his sincere compassion, that I have enjoyed being healthy for the past five years. He has helped me with such things as overcoming trauma, grief, anxiety and depression where others had failed. I have also learned some very important and basic concepts such as advocating for myself, setting boundaries, accepting myself, and realizing that I am important as an individual...I strongly recommend Dr. Dybdal for his sensivity, empathy, and skill in the practice of psychiatry, both as a psycho-pharmacologist and therapist.

Review from patient on UCompareHealth.com

"Dr. Dybdal employs traditional psycho-therapeutic techniques as well as the incorporation of alternative therapies. He is an amazing diagnostician, warm, sensitive and therapeutic. He is skillful with the use of medications. He has a holistic approach to patients. He works with the patient as a team and includes other providers. He is the best psychiatrist I have ever had in dealing with my mental illness for over 35 years."

Review from patient on Yelp.com

"Dr. Dybdal is great, plain and simple. Empathetic, open minded, and willing to help."

Review from patient on Vitals.com

"I have been a patient of Dr. Dybdal's for 2-3 years. He strikes me as being both incredibly intelligent and caring, and has been very attentive when prescribing medication. I've had some rough patches in the last few years of my life, and Dr. Dybdal has helped me find new ways to evaluate them and work through them. I'd recommend him to anyone."

Review from patient Caredash. com

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Dybdal for 8 or 9 years. He is the only doctor in 21 years to find a medication combination that works for me. Even more importantly, he is a highly skilled psychotherapist. He treats you with dignity and respect — not like a sick person. You feel like treatment is a collaborative effort, not just blind acceptance of decisions some one else has made concerning your own life. With Dr. Dybdal’s help, I successfully completed a rigorous academic program and currently use my degree in my profession. Words cannot describe what a great doctor, and compassionate human being he is."

Review from patient Caredash. com

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Dybdal for many years now. He is the only psychiatrist that I have met that actually cares. He does much more than write scripts. and send you on your way 15 minutes into your appointment. He also does not boss you around about meds, and he will listen to you and try something else if you are uncomfortable with a medication and want to stop taking it. He also prefers to work on emotional and psychological causes before adding or changing meds. He is kind, compassionate, and responsive on a day to day basis. he is culturally sensitive, aware, and knowledgeable, and uses a variety of therapeutic techniches. I can't say enough good things about him."

Dr David Dybdal, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, psychotherapist in Boston, MA