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Posted on 5 December, 2020 at 0:55

has that which once made me so exceedingly bright

the same as the dark veil that falls upon me, night after night?

the shadowy wind in my sails,

that seemed to carry me always forward without fail?

and for all those around, I put on a show,

half-pasted smile and a warm hearted glow.

but somehow I didn't seem to know

that it was the darkness inside me that was pushing me so.


now I walk often with a heavy heart,

something is missing, so lost in the dark.


cherish the rare moment of beauty and joy from above,

or the brief flash of patience, compassion, or heart-felt love.

where did I go?

have I sunk under waves,

gasping for air or a quick clean breath,

before I'm spun back into the depths,

and into the throes of my living death?

where I feel alone, trusting so few,

ever searching for something to carry me through

to my next breath,

as I am crushed again by the pressure of depth,

am I in the midst of growing?

do I have some kind of incurable disease?


and I wonder, will I ever again find myself floating with ease?

embraced by sun-sparkled water and a gentle summer breeze.

- David Dybdal


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