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Posted on 20 December, 2020 at 0:10

an imaginal figment,

a small splotch of colored pigment,


held in the eye of the beholder,

it allows righteous anger to smoulder,


a lie for an eye,

a tooth for the truth


that punishment never replaces what is lost,

always it fails at great cost.

and a man dressed in robes, be they black or they white,

doesn't have the power to declare what's wrong or right,


to punish or demean the miracle of a life

that's already horribly ravaged by so much pain and strife,


sure, it may be ok to take someone away from hurting others with a violent act, who break the social contract,


but we don't need to become what we hate, and create a painfully recalcitrant state,


I wonder, can we become aware of our hateful human passions, and slowly practice steering them towards compassion.

- David Dybdal

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