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The Crown

Posted on 4 December, 2020 at 14:35

The best-laid plans of mice and men,

Behemothly crumble into the abyss again.

Our whole life story withers and dies,

dissolving into thin air, right before our very eyes!

And inevitably the tide of fear rolls in,

as we desperately try, again and again

to control an unstoppable wave,

that we imagine we might fend off with a flimsy stave.

But suppose instead we breathe and accept, for that is where the secret is kept.


Our bodies and minds become a little clearer,

bringing solutions, ever nearer,

 Through wave after wave, we realize that fighting rarely works,

and we often ends up hurting ourselves, and those we love, with our hidden quirks.

But once we really know that there's nowhere to go,

We may choose to move from our rigid stance, to a sacred dance.

1, 2, 3....simple steps to use,

Aware, Accept, then Freely Choose


First alone, then by connection,

We begin again our resurrection.

For as we consciously connect to trees, and stars, and sunshine, and friends,

We understand in our hearts that this journey has no end.

 - David Dybdal

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