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Life is But a Dream

Posted on 5 December, 2020 at 0:55

there once was a solitary Giant,

so big, It could see Itself only,

so big, It was immensely lonely,

so big that nothing else could be.

and It mused,

"if I am the only Is that can be, how can I ever be a me?"

gently It closed Its eyes to dream that It was fragile and small.

tasting joy and pain, It now could experience the All.

a dream of separation, where time and space felt real,

and death was always chasing, nipping at Its heels.


and then It dreamt It was fading into a final gasp and sigh.

and Others cried,

dreaming It had died.

for They could not see or remember the other side.

how It had just woken from Its slumber,

and opening Its sleepy eyes,

It was released so lovingly from it's mortal disguise,

and out came a big fat belly-laugh,

as It awakened now again to this somehow stunning surprise.

- David Dybdal


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