Dr David Dybdal, Boston Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

David Dybdal, MD, PhD

Compassionate, Effective Psychotherapy and Medication Management

About Me:

I completed my residency in psychiatry, and post graduate fellowships in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and in spirituality at the Harvard University School of Medicine, where I continue to teach and supervise.

I received my M.D. and Ph.D. in neuro-psychopharmacology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, and I specialize in the concomitant use of medication and psychotherapy to achieve not only remission of distressing symptoms but also recovery and wellness in those with whom I work.

I have over 15 years of experience working as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in the Boston area. I have expertise working multiple symptom patterns, including those associated with complex grief, trauma, traumatic life transition, as well as anxiety and depression.

I am able to provide a customized blend of a wide variety of techniques through "talk therapy," including psychodynamic, relational, narrative-based, cognitive-behavioral, mind-body, spiritually-oriented, skills-focused , and supportive type treatments. I specialize in helping patients navigate through and beyond feelings of meaninglessness, isolation, pain, anxiety, and depression that may often be associated with drastic and sudden life transition.

I have familiarity with, and have collaborated closely with a network of practitioners in holistic medicine, health, and wellness fields, including massage, acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, and hypnosis. Those who wish may be referred to highly qualified specialists in any of these fields to complement and synergize with the work that they are performing.

Of course, I do prescribe medications when appropriate. Medications are prescribed only in conjunction with weekly, 50 minute, psychotherapy appointments which allows time to explore the complex interaction between biological, psychological, social, and spiritual facets of a person's condition.

My practice is private pay only, and I do not accept insurances, though you may be able to be reimbursed for sessions by your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits. My fee for initial consultation and continuing sessions is $350.

I look forward to speaking with you.